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Can sms platforms send to all phone numbers


 Type this in your URL browser to get started 

and it only cost 1unit per page that is #1 in Nigeria money for the SMS




First create an account by type this URL  in your browser activate in of register make use of valid email After that login into your email with your browser you will get activation link on your email activate it ,


next step 2



Login with your username and password Second click compose SMS and fill remain details both your phone number Any day you want /wish to send SMS click compose SMS Input sender ID PASTE OR TYPE MESSAGE OUT PASTE OR TYPE NUMBERS IF IT IS MANY NUMBERS SEPARATE IT WITH COMMA E.G 08165995041,08130729635 AND CLICK SEND UNTIL IT SUCCESSFUL DEDUCTED YOUR UNITS Price list buy from this amount and above

#500- 500units #


#1,500- 1500units +100units bonus



The bonus of 100units is when you buy 1500units and above




Payment information



Pay via bank or transfer in our bank information details click menu of view bank details After payment send us your amount you paid +username date of payment and you will credit within 1hr you will get notification via SMS if you enable get SMS notification and also via email enjoy




FIRST REGISTRATION GET 3UNITS FREE ON Click Call +2349062547112 Whatsapp +2348130729635 You can easily add your phone numbers to Saved Numbers on Here are the steps to follow 1. Login to your account. 2Click on the menu “directory”. 3. Where you see “List Name”, put your desired name e.g. “Church Members”. 4. Where you see “Numbers” paste your phone numbers there . 5. Where you see “Sender” put your desired sender ID e.g RCCG Eket. Please be aware that putting a sender ID is optional because you may need to use another sender ID at any time. 6. On the Description box, just state a brief description of the number list e.g “ This is the list that contains all our church member”. 7. Click “ Save”.

8. You are done! One of the beauty of having an account with is that you can schedule your messages for a later time if you don't want it to be delivered instantly.

This feature saves you the time and stress of coming online anytime you want to send an SMS especially periodical SMS. For example, you can schedule your messages ahead prior to the festival periods like; Easter, Independence Day, Christmas, New Year, and so on...Well this is how it goes: First you sign in to your account. And if you do not have any yet, you can as well visit our webpage;visit and get started right away.

After your account has been successfully created or you have logged in to your account, click on "Compose SMS" Then you enter your "sender name", the "numbers", and then your message into the boxes provided. Click on "Schedule Now" after the above has been completed. You can then go ahead to set the date and time you want it to get delivered, and click on "Confirm Schedule" to seal it off. There you have it!All that's left is to relax and watch it get delivered....Below is a detailed screen shot of what it looks like.

There is always this joyful awesome feeling you get when you wake up to the fact that today is your birthday even though you look forward to it again the next year you just can't seem to shake the feeling off. Moreso, you feel loved, important, and happy when you receive presents and wishes on your birthday. Now here's the thing; birthday wishes will be sent from different social media angles be it; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Emails, SMS , and so on.

However, with all these channels, there's a degree of certainty that your birthday greetings and wishes will be seen directly, and read immediately by the celebrant if they are sent using bulk SMS .

Now it gets more cumbersome and hard to follow through if a company, church, bank, mosques, and other organization is involved and has to send to 30 of their clients/members who happen to have birthdays on the same day, and which definitely has to be sent all at once. In this case, what do you do? offers you an easy, convenient, affordable, and reliable way to send birthday greetings automatically. All you need to do is to register an account to be able to gain access to all this.

You can do that by simply signing in to our webpage and get started right away. After your account has been successfully created, you go to the "Add Birthdays NEW" icon on the left side of your account, and there you have it! Below is a screenshot of what the page looks like. Call +2349062547112 Whatsapp +2348130759635 Visit

Have you been trying to login into your bulk SMS account but you keep getting the response: ‘invalid username or password?’ Most likely you must have forgotten the password to your bulk SMS account. It’s no crime though and getting a new password for your account is very simple. To do a reset of password for your bulk SMS account, follow the steps listed below: 1. Visit

2. Click on the ‘FORGOT LOGIN?’ tab located at the top right side of the home page 3. Then, click on ‘FORGOT PASSWORD

’ 4. Enter the ‘EMAIL ADDRESS’ registered with your bulk SMS account in the space provided for that

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5. Click on ‘RESET MY PASSWORD’ At this point the new password for your account will be sent to the email address registered with your bulk SMS account. You could then check your email and get the new password from there. After successful login with your username and the new password provided, you could choose to change your password to a desired one that will be easier for you to remember and/or for security reasons. If you love this provision and don’t have a registered bulk SMS account with yet, Register for free and get free SMS units to test the platform. Also, If you have a registered account already and have forgotten your password, let us know in the comment box provided below.